Is Rust 1.78 Released?

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Days until Rust 1.78 is officially released

Rust 1.78 will be released on26th October 2023

Meet Rust 1.78

  • Stop passing -export-dynamic to wasm-ld.
  • Remove drop order twist of && and || and make them associative
  • Don't build compiler_builtins with -C panic=abort
  • Don't set is_preview for clippy and rustfmt
  • Fix inconsistent rounding of 0.5 when formatted to 0 decimal places
  • Merge crossbeam-channel into std::sync::mpsc


You can check the version of Rust you are using by running the command
rustc --version
in your terminal.

About Rust

Rust is a very peculiar programming language, it is multiparadigmatic but with a special focus on object-oriented programming. It currently has a stable release that we will discuss further in this article, but it is under active development by Mozilla, the company that owns Mozilla Firefox, the internet browser. Rust has very similar syntaxis to C++, but as we mentioned, it is multiparadigmatic and enables programming of functions, procedural programming, and of course OOP, which is always a great flexible option for any modern developer. This language is said to be oriented towards practicality, but also concurrency of processes.

Rust, as with many object-oriented focused languages, has a myriad of potential uses. Nevertheless, Rust is by far the most popular language when mining bitcoin and other crypto-currencies due to a couple of extremely potent features when trying to solve the mathematical problems that come with crypto mining. Rust has best practices for most miners directly implemented into its base defaults, which means that developers only need to specify particular processes when they drift away from the consensual best way to go about blockchain operations. Additionally, it has some complex resource-saving features that are simply too good to pass up for the miners, as any efficiency with time or energy signifies larger profits for the owner of the mining hardware.

The language has a lot of particular features and characteristics that make it worth taking a look even if you are not interested in mining cryptocurrency. First, Rust has some very useful low-level programming characteristics, where the developer can get more involved in memory management. While Rust is being actively developed by a corporation, they have stated multiple times that the project is open-sourced and that programmers may go as far as participating with the suggestion and creation of new features, making it very much a community project, which is rare to see for something this size owned by a large company.


Work began on Rust as early as 2006, Mozilla began endorsing and supporting the project in 2009, and it was finally released in 2010. We currently have a stable release launched in May of the present year of 2021. As we discussed, Rust has an extremely active community of people suggesting, coding and participating to improve the language, while Rust has a team of people constantly working on keeping releases stable, which makes it somewhat attractive to learn, especially if you already know C++, a language with which Rust shares a lot of syntaxes.